French sensibility

Jardin Vertiges, Thierry Dalcant pour Perceptions from Perceptions-paysages on Vimeo.

We are infinitely inspired not so much by the specific forms and compositions that many a French landscape designer creates but rather by the delicate sensibility inherent in and woven through their designs. This landscape is no exception. It is not really a style that we would ever seek to replicate in our work, but the spirit of the work in all of its playfulness, poetry, and nods to both formality and flexibility are just so inspiring and subtly marvel-inducing. Enjoy.

Topiary taken to the next level

A snapshot of some of the fantastical tope-scapes of Pearl Fryar

The intricate, otherworldly and meticulous tope-scapes of Pearl Fryar are an amalgamation of greenery to be poured over and marveled at. They are also a good end-point for the nearly year-long endeavor of highlighting the most tragic of topiary in and around the urban landscapes of Los Angeles and Minneapolis. In the pre-blogging days tragic topiary would have filled a coffee table book of a finite number of pages. You’d flip through it, maybe go back to the ones you most liked, and it would be done. In the day and age of blogs, variations on a theme – in our case, topiary – are almost expected to persist endlessly, regardless of whether they have run their course. While we have loved ferreting out and highlighting some of the ugliest, most ridiculous topes ever to have been created, we do feel that it has run its course and that it’s time for PRAIRIEFORM to come up with a new weekly endeavor full of just the right amount of kitsch, zest, and contemporary relevance that makes you want to come back for more. We will hint that it will involve cute but nuisance bunnies, and the contemporary city, and it will be in Swedish and in English, but we will say no more until the endeavor has been fully launched. Stay tuned for details.

Thanks to Jorgecito for the Pearl Fryar link