In 2008 PRAIRIEFORM was asked to design and install a rain garden for two wildlife-loving clients in West Bloomington. After excavating out mountains of clay soil and backfilling the site with compost and clay-free soil in 2009, we planted the plants, let the rain By 2011 the garden had grown up and filled in, very much exceeding our expectations. For a complete description of the project, click here.

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The rain garden site in Bloomington, Minnesota, in late fall of 2008. Hard-packed clay had to be excavated out, and then the space was backfilled with compost to ensure optimal growing conditions for the plants. The project site with all of the compost laid down, and the excavated soil backfilled on top. Edging was then laid in.
The rain garden installed, mulch laid down, in August of 2009. PRAIRIEFORM sign shown at the side Sign printed by Wrap City Graphics. View of the rain garden from the interior of the site looking towards the street. We were trying to create a rain garden with clean lines but that was  full of rustic, prairie-friendly plant materials. Another view of the rain garden. The purple-flowering plant is liatris ligulistylis, a native of the prairie that is a monarch butterfly magnet.
The rain garden in the summer of 2011. The plants are unbelievably contented. Sorghastrum nutans / Indian grass, growing and thriving in the driest part of the rain garden. Sorghastrum nutans / Indian grass, Echinacea purpurea / purple coneflower, and Asclepias incarnata / swamp milkweed  growing and thriving in the wet, mesic, and dry portions of the rain garden in Bloomington, Minnesota.