The clients for this project are avid urban farmers who try to grow much of their own food on their smaller city lot. However, as this project is located in the front yard, they sought something more formal than a mere vegetable garden. To these ends we merged a very tight and orderly ornamental planting plan with a set of raised vegetable beds whose forms follow the overall form of the site plan. The accompanying storyboard gives an overview of the eclectic set of inspirations we started from. These inspirations were intended to match the eclectic tastes and background of the clents to help transform their landscape into an ornamental-productive/Provence-meets-Minneapolis-prairie hybrid front-yard landscape.

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Storyboard outlining inspiration for this landscape, featuring influences from Sweden to Minneapolis, from fields of lavender to rows of corn. Site plan showing the division of space and planting lines.
Planting plan showing location of plants as well as vegetable beds. Illustration of proposed landscape in Minneapolis, Minnesota that merges a formal, ornamental landscape with a vegetable garden.