The Vacant Lands Project seeks to critically examine, study, and ultimately display the vast ecological diversity growing and living within the vacant lots and neglected spaces of contemporary cities.

The project posits that particular ecologies exist within cities that did not exist 100 years ago; they are the result of years of human intervention that have woven through and plowed over preexisting natural systems. Thus we have streets and sidewalks, and reflected heat and building-altered wind patterns; we have changing urban wildlife populations and imported plant species; and, of course, we have climate change.

The project will begin with two primary study areas, in Berkeley/Oakland, USA, and in Stockholm, SE. Within each project area will unfold a series of particpatory, open-to-the-public, fact-finding missions in which we document just what is growing within the cracks. Once the data have beeen collected a Phase 2 will begin; the details of which will be revealed as the project progresses.