A primary focus of our work has been exploring ways in which irrigation can be removed from the landscape equation altogether. A common misconception is that this is simply impossible, as landscapes always require irrigation - especially in arid climates; however, there are plants growing all around us, in every climate zone, every day, that are doing just fine without the help of a sprinkler. To see how we have been working to create landscapes in diverse forms that can grow and thrive without irrigation, click on the links below:

Photo of Prairieform's first irrigation-free landscape, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The site for Vacant Lands 1 in late September 2016, before the installation. Sample watering basin used to encourage root growth and make measuring water needs easier.
Rendering of Prairieform's irrigation-free landscape in Glendale, CA. Photo of Prairieform's irrigation-free landscape in Oakland, CA. Photo of Prairieform's John Kamp leading an interactive workshop on irrigation-free landscapes for students at Abraham Lincoln High School in San Francisco.