Drought has become an increasing reality in the past several years, yet people still desire landscapes, and green. We were thus stuck with a conundrum: how to provide the full, green landscape people want yet without the burden having to water all the time? So enter the Irrigation-Free Landscape, PRAIRIEFORM's solution to a new reality. The Irrigation-Free Landscape does not require supplemental irrigation after the first growing season, at which point the plants can survive and thrive on rainfall alone. No more installing of irrigation systems, no more lugging hoses and sprinklers around just to keep a landscape looking half-dead; rather, a green, full, lush landscape that can survive and thrive in spite of drought.

Our first pilot landscape we designed and installed in Minneapolis in 2012, with generous funding from the Longfellow Community Council and the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization. July of 2012 was the second-hottest July on record in Minneapolis, yet 80% of the plants in the Irrigation-Free Landscape hadn't been watered since early June, and they were still going strong. By summer of 2013, the landscape was on its own, and it grew swimmingly, surviving - and thriving - through a month-long drought in August.

We have recently moved to the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue our next Irrgation-Free project. The region and the state are in the throes of a crippling drought, and this on top of the fact that much of the state already lies within some of the most arid climate zones in the US. Landscape solutions are needed. We believe we have one. Stay tuned for details on our first pilot out here, and our first in a Mediterranean Climate.

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