The directive for this project in Glendale, CA, was to explore three alternatives for a turf removal and drought-tolerant garden add-in. As the site slopes gently toward the house, the ultimate site plan capitalizes on gravity, directing rainwater through a series of large basins filled with ornamental grasses. As the basin closest to the sidewalk overflows, the water then moves on to the next basin and so on and down to the lowest and thus wettest part of the landscape, which is the edge of a large, drought-tolerant mixed border extending away from the front of the house. Given the relatively large size of the yard, the plant materials consist mainly of mass plantings of an ornamental grass, thereby somewhat mimicking the carpet effect of the once existent lawn. Only closer to the front of the house does the planting become more complex and detailed and is an irrigation-free, drought-tolerant riff off of the classic English mixed border.

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Design elements of the landscape. Project site plan.
Plan elements shown in plan view and in rendering. Rendering of the landscape.