UPDATE: In June of 2018, we spoke at the University of East London as Part of their Tangible/Intangible Heritages conference on the current state and future of the American front yard. We looked at the role of cultural and climate change on the evolution of this particularly American space. Background: Since the beginning PRAIRIEFORM has been particularly interested in the American front yard and how it might be transformed into both an aesthetic and a functional space. Front yards are perhaps one of the greatest untapped resources in the American urban and suburban landscape, and PRAIRIEFORM constantly seeks to create designs that simultaneously respect the formality of the front yard and offer up new forms and uses for the space. Inspiration is drawn from south of the border, in Mexico, where front yard spaces serve a variety of functions, one of which being a gathering space for family and friends. These spaces are direct descendents of colonial houses, which both hugged the sidewalk and contained courtyards for gathering and access to the out-of-doors. We have lectured extensively on these themes; always check back for upcoming speaking dates.

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This drawing shows the typical floorplan of a colonial-era home in Guadalajara, Mexico. This drawing shows the typical floorplan of a Mexican fraccionamiento. New fraccionamientos going up in Guadalajara, MX.