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Grand Park, Los Angeles. Photo credit: Pure Wow.

There are few public spaces we have been to in recent years that have left such an impression on us as Grand Park in Los Angeles. We knew the space when it was eyesore parking lot and drab civic plaza halfheartedly connecting City Hall to the Music Center on Bunker Hill. If these spaces of yore symbolized anything about the city and its vision, they symbolized a city with little vision. The new incarnation of these spaces, however, signals a true step forward, and a look ahead.

The park’s design is confident and playful, with a color and plant palette that tells the story of Los Angeles circa now, not circa 1855. It contains a combination of bold, plant-heavy spaces filled with groovy future-forward plants (re: waterwise but not drab); swaths of lawn for seating, lounging and gathering; simple architectural structures that sit perfectly within the space; hot pink tables and chairs that are both movable and serve as eye-catching sculpture dotting the space; and interpretive signs that tell the story of both the plants one finds in the space and their provenance.

Above all what is so refreshing about this park is its confidence and what that confidence says about an emerging new city. This is a city that tried (and has tried) for so long to pretend it was something it wasn’t, that it was a sleepy town or one large suburb, or that it was 24-7 New York, that it was tropical, rainsoaked Hawaii, or that it was just one huge disposable movie set. Grand Park in all its confidence and quirkiness seems to say, This is Los Angeles, and Los Angeles is wacky, and weird, and endlessly multifaceted, and that is what makes it both singular and lovable. For more info, check out Rios Clementi Hale (the studio responsible for the design and site planning), and Grand Park LA.

The park site before is shown below:

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