Weeding with chickens

A San Antonio-based gardener cracks the weed whip on her chickens. Photo from Xericstyle.

We get asked all the time whether the landscapes we do require no maintenance and don’t require a lot of weeding. There are ways to minimize weed proliferation, and we do what we can in the site-prep process; however, no matter how much you prep a site and use mulch, weed seeds that prefer to travel by air (e.g. dandelions) will always be a an issue in any landscape in virtually any part of the country, or world for that matter. In any case, for those who aren’t interested in spending a few minutes here, a few minutes there weeding, consider hiring a troop of chickens, as shown in the photo above. You can read more about the process here. We make no scientific claims as to the efficacy of this process, but it at least makes for a cheeky and plucky photo.

Second hottest July on record, irrigation-free landscape thriving

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A view of the irrigation-free landscape in August, looking north. Most of these plants have not been watered since June 6

We’ve held off on prematurely declaring the irrigation-free landscape a success, but thus far it has exceeded even our expectations. This July was the second hottest on record for Minneapolis, with June being particularly sweltering too. In spite of this, of the 204 plants in the irrigation-free landscape, 90% of them have not been watered since June 6. And they are thriving. A recent visitor to the landscape commented the landscape looks so full you would have no idea it was only planted less than two months ago and that most of the plants haven’t had supplemental water since early June. For more photos of how the landscape has evolved and grown, click here. Seeing is believing, though, so come by for a visit: 2853 42nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN.

On-site workshop for the Irrigation-Free Landscape

It’s MInnesota, it’s summer, and it’s hot and dry, yet again. Learn how to make proverbial landscape lemonade out of lemons, how to create a landscape that can beat the heat and not require a sprinkler, and come to the on-site workshop for the Irrigation-Free Landscape. Click on the photo above, then click on it again in its new window, to see the flyer. For more info, click here.