Weekend viewing

Quick post today: watch and marvel at Babylonstoren. While portions of the video are a bit hokey, no big deal, as the history and scale and design and plants and animals of the place are something to behold. After watching, plan a visit your local botanical garden or arboretum. In any season, there is always something to see, discover, and learn. And getting outside never did anyone any harm.

John Kamp

Weekend viewing

The interconnectedness of living things sometimes verges on the surreal. This clip shows how one plant in the Fynbos of South Africa is inextricably connected with and dependent on one species of bird, hungry ants, and 10-year fires. Without these things it could not reproduce or survive. Watch and marvel. For more info, click here.

A painter we love

Jenny Parsons, painter, landscapes, South Africa, Rondebosch
Rondebosch Common Morning, by Jenny Parsons

We love these paintings. They are of landscapes both urban and natural. With some of her works there’s a cozy retro quality to them that somehow recalls the bric-a-brac, homespun interiors of a certain, less austere midcentury architecture. With others, they speak of vast, sun-baked landscapes under huge expansive skies. She is currently exhibiting her work in Cape Town at the UCT Irma Stern Museum.