Looking for tragedy in the land of sensibility

Lyndale Avenue, Minneapolis

It was with utmost displeasure that PRAIRIEFORM didn’t post any tragic topiary for the viewing this week. It was in part due to coming down with a delightful bout of the flu, but it was also due to the fact that tragic topiary is not too terribly easy to come by in this land of overabundant sensibility and summer light.

This is a place where trees are pruned by arborists, and residents generally delight in toiling away in their own gardens. It is where the street trees are evenly spaced, the sidewalks are generously wide, and the bike lanes connect to each other and don’t spontaneously end after half a block. While this sensibility can prove quite relaxing and a bit of a tonic to the mild chaos of the modern world, it generally does not produce tragic topiary, or illegal garage conversions, or front yards that have been transformed into makeshift storefronts. Instead it produces within the landscape a relative uniformity and consistency that is becoming increasingly foreign to much of the world’s eyes.

In any case, the hunt is on, for a glimmer of overmanicured landscape ridiculousness in a vast sea of sensibility.


PRAIRIEFORM will be heading to Minneapolis to get cracking on the installation of phases two and three of several landscape design projects there. Stay tuned for photos of the installation work in progress, as well as missives from the great wide-open North.