Weekend viewing

The first in an ongoing series of videos on the wide wild world of landscapes and how you can be a part of and engage with landscapes and the natural world in the ways that are meaningful to you. This video looks at how to go from a lawn to a garden and manage what can suddenly seem like an overwhelming number of choices and details. “A landscape comedy,” one person described it as. I’ll take it. Happy viewing.

John Kamp

The gardening cure

Since the day and age of Shelter in Place began some weeks ago, many folks have been turning to gardening as a tonic to the stress and strangeness of these times. In light of this trend, Voice of America just did a recent piece on some of the Americans who are honing their green thumbs and profiled some of the work I’ve been doing. The owner of Oakland’s well-known nursery The Dry Garden is also interviewed. Perhaps it will be motivation for you at home to get out and dig in the dirt a bit. Happy viewing.

-John Kamp

New visual work

New visual work by Prairieform's John Kamp
Third of four.
New visual work by John Kamp of Prairieform
Second of four.
New visual work by John Kamp of Prairieform
Fourth of four.
Cover for new DJ set by Prairieform's DJ alter-ego, Johnnycakes.
First of four. Cover for new DJ set by Prairieform’s DJ alter-ego, Johnnycakes.

A few examples of the visual work I have been working on. I’ve made a conscious decision to push the work away from collage – a medium I’ve become too comfortable with, and, well, a medium that has just become too ubiquitous in this day and age. These new compositions are the result of a combination of chance and intention – perhaps reflecting the subconscious and the conscious experiences of the world. DJ set for the one just above in the works.

John Kamp