The gardening cure

Since the day and age of Shelter in Place began some weeks ago, many folks have been turning to gardening as a tonic to the stress and strangeness of these times. In light of this trend, Voice of America just did a recent piece on some of the Americans who are honing their green thumbs and profiled some of the work I’ve been doing. The owner of Oakland’s well-known nursery The Dry Garden is also interviewed. Perhaps it will be motivation for you at home to get out and dig in the dirt a bit. Happy viewing.

-John Kamp

On-site workshop for the Irrigation-Free Landscape

It’s MInnesota, it’s summer, and it’s hot and dry, yet again. Learn how to make proverbial landscape lemonade out of lemons, how to create a landscape that can beat the heat and not require a sprinkler, and come to the on-site workshop for the Irrigation-Free Landscape. Click on the photo above, then click on it again in its new window, to see the flyer. For more info, click here.

Helen Mirren on plants and gardening

What we love about this clip – aside from the simple fact that it is the lovely and articulate Helen Mirren just being herself – is what she says about the pleasures of being a part of a communal garden and the gardening camaraderie she enjoys there. This is something the American gardening world so often sorely lacks, as it seems we are obsessed with competition and purism and exclusivity, all at the expense of sharing and learning and creating a genuine community of gardeners, and a growing, evolving body of dogma-free knowledge.