Anna-Maria Larson

prairieform, project weeds, new work
Plants emerging through concrete. Photo courtesy of Ugly Angel.

Our newest landscape-installation project will be focusing on weeds and will seek to involve anyone and everyone in the project’s evolution and data-collection process. You may follow the progress of the project on Twitter via hashtag projectweeds. We are partnering up with two Swedes and one Minneapolitan on the project in order to create a robust multidisciplinary team. The team thus far consists of Björn Wallsten, Anna Maria Larson, Shannon Farrell, and, of course, us.

In other big and exciting news, we are moving to San Francisco and the Bay Area starting this May.

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We love landscape design solutions that gracefully tackle a host of contemporary spatial and ecological problems in a way that is so seemless you wouldn’t think there had been problems to solve in the first place. This winning submission (designed by Ekologigruppen AB) for a park in the municipality of Järfälla, located outside of Stockholm, incorporates prairie-inspired (Ängen) areas and lawns for sunbathing; a water garden (Vattenträdgården) whose water levels and access to which vary according to the season and levels of precipitation, and sight lines and gathering areas designed in a way that you can be in the park at night and not be concerned about safety. The park will serve as the stadspark, or city park, for the new neighborhood of Barkarbystaden, which will be built on an abandoned airfield. Said Anna-Maria Larson, one of the landscape architects overseeing the design of the project, “With this super-detailed program we were given it was hard to work with a strong concept, but I think we did a good job of finding the right places in the park to fit in all these functions.” And the jury agreed.

For more details on the park, click here.

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