Drought sets in again, Irrigation-Free Landscape unfazed

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The Irrigation-Free Landscape in early September 2013

We probably could’ve called it, but we are settling once again into a late-summer drought. This is an all-too-familiar pattern we have obsverved for the past several years in the Twin Cities area, and it is in part why we created the Irrigation-Free Landscape in the first place. We wanted to create something that could grow and thrive in spite of the droughts that now seem to arrive like clockwork every summer. And, well, one year and three months in the ground and the Irrigation-Free Landscape is going strong and looks completely unfazed (see photo above for the proof that is in the pudding) by the latest drought. Aside from the five replacement plants we had to plant in early summer (only five casualties out of 203 total plants in the landscape, actually, which is a very low mortality rate for even a conventional landscape), none of the other plants have received supplemental water. So this means over a year of no watering. Meanwhile the local paper ran an article this morning on how you need to water your entire landscape and lawn with an average of an inch of water a week during these dry spells. For a conventional landscape of an equivalent size as the Irrigation-Free Landscape (658 square feet) you are thus looking at 410 gallons of water a week, or 1640 gallons a month. In contrast, and in our case, we have simply removed the need to water from the equation. No time and money spent watering, no added pressures on overtapped water supplies, but still a beautiful landscape. Pardon our French, but this is such a no-brainer.

Okay, over and out and ’til next time.

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