Vacant Lands 1

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So, some of you may know that our work is turning towards weeds, and specifically towards vacant lots. The landscapes we do take so much time – like years – to become actual, in-the-ground living creations. In order to set the ball in motion we are embarking on the the discourse-generation phase of the project, including a new comic called Vacant Lands. It will appear in installments. It represents us circa 2014, both curious about and critical of the conventional processes of landscape creation in the US. Anyhoo, here is the first. It contains the errant cuss word, just a forewarning.


prairieform, project weeds, new work
Plants emerging through concrete. Photo courtesy of Ugly Angel.

Our newest landscape-installation project will be focusing on weeds and will seek to involve anyone and everyone in the project’s evolution and data-collection process. You may follow the progress of the project on Twitter via hashtag projectweeds. We are partnering up with two Swedes and one Minneapolitan on the project in order to create a robust multidisciplinary team. The team thus far consists of Bj√∂rn Wallsten, Anna Maria Larson, Shannon Farrell, and, of course, us.

In other big and exciting news, we are moving to San Francisco and the Bay Area starting this May.