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Screen shot from PlaceIt! website, designed by Prairieform's John Kamp
One of our newest projects, the redesign of the PlaceIt! website

In order to be able to keep everyone more up-to-date on what we’ve been up to, we’re moving away from our annual print New-Year’s card (sad, we know, but it was expensive and SLOW, and, if it makes you feel any better, we still read real books) and towards a quarterly newsletter you can just subscribe to (“subscribe” button found to the left of this text on this very blog site). We swear it will be a quarterly newsletter tops. So, please, be our guests: subscribe and ye shall receive. . . goodness, from Prairieform.

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Orlando, Virginia Woolf, weeds, vacant lots, turf grass, landscape design

There’s a line in Orlando that uses an allusion to weeds – or their absence – as a way of highlighting just how patrician the grounds of Orlando’s manor are: “Lying in bed of a morning on the softest pillows between the smoothest sheets and looking out of his oriel window upon turf which for three centuries had known neither dandelion nor dock weed, he thought that unless he could somehow make his escape, he should be smothered alive.” While not in any way a pivotal moment in the story’s narrative, the line says much – to a plant enthusiast – about weeds and the world humans have long lived in: weeds are not a 20th-century phenomenon; they’ve been with us for as long as gardens have been cultivated and lawns have been immaculately maintained. They grow with intent against what the gardener intently wishes would grow.

John Kamp

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