June 2013

irrigation-free landscape, minneapolis, prairieform, landscape design, water conservation, los angeles
The Irrigation-Free Landscape on June 20, 2013

The plants in the Irrigation-Free Landscape are growing at a clip. Hard to believe over 80% of these haven’t been watered since June 6 of last year, or that none have been watered at all this year. If you would like to see the landscape up close and personal, sign up to go on the Longfellow Garden Club’s annual tour of cool, waterwise landscapes in the Longfellow neighborhood of Minneapolis. The tour will be held on July 10.

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irrigation-free landscape, Minneapolis, Minnesota, prairieform, xeriscape, water conservation, landscape design

The Irrigation-Free Landscape has been doing quite a bit of growing these past couple of weeks. The Salvias are immense and blooming profusely (and these were actually the one plant we were thinking about removing, as they were having trouble dealing with dry conditions last summer. . . time will tell this summer. . . we are hoping their root systems have grown enough to take on whatever the weather brings them), the sedges over doubled in size from last year, the smokebushes finally established and growing well. To see how much things have grown in the past three weeks, here is a photo from a bit over two weeks ago:
irrigation-free landscape, minneapolis, minnesota, prairieform, landscape design, xeriscape, water conservation

For more photos from the past weeks, come to our Facebook page, and please do “like” us while you are there. It helps us spread the word about the work on water conservation and design we are doing.

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A San Antonio-based gardener cracks the weed whip on her chickens. Photo from Xericstyle.

We get asked all the time whether the landscapes we do require no maintenance and don’t require a lot of weeding. There are ways to minimize weed proliferation, and we do what we can in the site-prep process; however, no matter how much you prep a site and use mulch, weed seeds that prefer to travel by air (e.g. dandelions) will always be a an issue in any landscape in virtually any part of the country, or world for that matter. In any case, for those who aren’t interested in spending a few minutes here, a few minutes there weeding, consider hiring a troop of chickens, as shown in the photo above. You can read more about the process here. We make no scientific claims as to the efficacy of this process, but it at least makes for a cheeky and plucky photo.

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