November 2011

PRAIRIEFORM landscape featured on the Fine Gardening site

Fine Gardening magazine is currently featuring small-scale residential gardens and landscapes around the country on their blog – and they’ve chosen one of ours for one of their daily slots! You can check out the photos and the project description on their site here. Many thanks to Associate Editor Michelle Gervais for selecting us. Enjoy.

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Installing the edging for the irrigation-free landscape

We’ve made the collective decision to hold off on planting the plants for the irrigation-free landscape til spring. After some snafus with our normal excavator and having to find another one – which we did, and a great one at UrbanEscapes – we were delayed in the project a bit, and by the time we got the edging in, we weren’t confident the plants could get started on their proverbial drought training and be in it long enough to send roots down deep and good before the first hard frost. What this means is come spring the plants will be in the ground first thing, and the drought training will be set to commence throughout spring and summer. Midsummer we will be holding a workshop on site on this particular landscape technique, and in fall we will plant assorted drought-tolerant bulbs, who will make their firework appearance upon the first flush of spring the following year. For more info on the project, click here. We can’t wait to see it in full summer splendor, which we will see before you know it.

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