John Kamp is a landscape designer, urban planner, and urban designer. He holds a master's degree in urban planning and design from UCLA, and a bachelor's degree from Wesleyan University. He has an extensive background in ecology and has worked as a city planner and designer for the City of Los Angeles. He grew up in Minnesota but has lived in Los Angeles, France, and Mexico, and has spent considerable time in Sweden. His varied educational background and his diverse travels have helped him to formulate a unique approach to landscape and urban design that is at once accessible and singular.

He is primarily interested in creating new approaches to landscape and city creation that minimize resource inputs but that maximize aesthetics and habitat for both humans and wildlife. To these ends he has developed a first-of-its-kind landscape type, the Irrigation-Free Landscape, in which plants can grow and thrive with no supplemental irrigation after the first growing season.

Aside from the array of landscapes and urban design projects he has designed and produced, Mr. Kamp has lectured extensively on issues surrounding front yards, circumstantial urbanism, and the role culture and immigration have played in the evolving urban form of the United States.