The logo for Prairieform - landscape, design, engagement

Tracks to Build to, an interactive sound/video/model-building installation by James Rojas and John Kamp at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.
The front and back covers for the new book by John Kamp and James Rojas, Dream Play Build.
The irrigation-free landscape in Oakland in early summer.
The cover of our Spanish-language version of our final illustration-filled document for our work with Habitat for Humanity.
The Vacant Lands 1 installation in the Presidio, with the forest of the Presidio and the ocean in the background.
A pop-up plaza prototyping event in North Long Beach.
A film still from the movie Maximum Walk and Roll.
The irrigation-free landscape in Minneapolis in late summer.
People collaborating and building their ideal California Avenue bike/ped underpass.
The formally wild garden by Prairieform in mid-summer and in full bloom.
The planting plan for the Zenith Avenue landscape by Prairieform.